Fox & Friends Pleads for Trump’s Commanding Presence at Debate

This week on "Fox & Friends," the hosts almost begged former President Donald Trump to join the Republican Fox News discussion. They think it would be exciting to watch Trump go up against other Republican candidates, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Steve Doocy said that seeing Trump and DeSantis together would make him go crazy. Ainsley Earhardt spoke up and said that Republicans are eager for Trump to be on the debate stage.

The hosts also brought up a shocking number from a recent poll done by the New Hampshire Journal: 62% of people who took the poll said they would still vote for Trump even if he was found guilty of a crime. Also, 57% of the people polled would still vote for Trump if he were in jail on election day. Doocy just had to say something about how strange these numbers were.

In another instance of putting himself first, Trump went on stage to ask his crowd if he should take part in the upcoming RNC debates. In his usual humble way, he asked out loud if he really needed to debate when he was ahead in the polls by such a big margin. Trump took an unplanned poll and asked the crowd if he should join the conversation. Some people in the crowd cheered for the idea, but it didn't seem like everyone liked it. Trump joked that people who wanted him to fight were just looking for entertainment and called them "selfish."

While Trump was in New Hampshire trying to win over his fans, information about the upcoming RNC debate in Milwaukee was coming out. The conversation, which will be led by Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier, will last for about two hours, including breaks for commercials. There won't be any opening statements, which is interesting, but there will be set times for candidates' answers, follow-ups, and final statements. As a treat, FOX News will also give candidates an exclusive marketing shoot so they can show themselves in a "bigger, bolder way."

Last week, Trump had a private dinner with top Fox News executives, who reportedly tried to get him to take part in the debate. The dinner was planned before Trump was charged, and it took place at his private golf club in Bedminster. Jay Wallace, the president of Fox News, and Suzanne Scott, the CEO of the network, were both there. Fox News seems to be pushing hard for Trump to be in the first GOP discussion.

Trump's possible appearance in the next Republican Fox News debate is making a lot of noise, that's for sure. The hosts of "Fox & Friends" can't hold back their excitement, and Trump isn't saying much. Will he join the fight, or won't he? It's a question that's worth thinking about.

Written by Staff Reports

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