From “Fit Joe” to “Quit Joe”: Biden’s Cheerleaders Now His Harshest Critics

The noise coming from the folks who were Biden’s biggest cheerleaders less than two years ago could now make a banshee cover its ears. These are the same people who were parading him around like the second coming during his campaign. They’re the loudest voices in the echo chamber demanding his resignation from the 2024 race. It appears that ‘Fit Joe’ has turned into ‘Quit Joe,’ and we’re unsure whether to laugh or say, “We told you so.”

Aging like a fine carton of milk left out in the sun, Biden’s presidency has been a masterclass in what happens when one ignores the writing on the wall. His stumblings, mumblings, and fumblings are becoming more painful to watch than primetime cable news. Remember when they insisted he was the picture of health and mental clarity? Now, even his staunchest supporters are hinting he should find a nice, quiet place to ride out his golden years.

It’s almost comical how quickly the narrative has shifted. The mainstream media went from hailing Biden as the epitome of vigor and robustness to putting his campaign on life support. They’re tripping over themselves to find the next suitable puppet without drooling over the teleprompter. 

Perhaps the hypocrisy would be less laughable if it weren’t so predictable.
The Democratic Party is now trying to steer away their doddering leader, hoping the voters have a memory as short as Biden’s. Their sudden concern for his health seems conveniently timed with the approach of the next election. It’s like watching a poorly scripted sitcom with plot holes as gaping as Biden’s memory lapses.

So here we are, witnessing the unraveling of the ‘Biden is fine’ fantasy. The party that once assured everyone that everything was perfectly okay is now pulling the emergency brake. It’s a spectacle that would be tragic if it weren’t so hilarious. The left sure knows how to pick ‘em, and, even better, how to abandon ship when they start to sink.

Written by Staff Reports

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