Kamala Harris Accused of Covering Up Biden’s Cognitive Decline by Stephen Miller

Vice President Kamala Harris has come under fire for allegedly participating in a cover-up of President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, according to Stephen Miller, a prominent conservative figure. Miller claimed at a recent event in Washington, DC, that Harris and other top Democrats were aware of Biden’s purported “brain dead” state for years, with the truth only being revealed during a presidential debate against President Donald Trump.

Miller went on to accuse Harris of neglecting her constitutional duty by failing to invoke the 25th Amendment to address Biden’s supposed inability to carry out his presidential responsibilities. He painted a grim picture of a nation facing significant global challenges, from border security issues to escalating tensions abroad, all while being led by what he described as a “brain dead” President.

According to Miller, the alleged cover-up not only allowed for the continued rule by unidentified Democratic Party insiders and unelected staffers but also perpetuated a dangerous oligarchy controlling the country from behind the scenes. He emphasized the significance of the presidential debate in exposing what he termed the “Biden cognition hoax,” suggesting that key figures within the Democratic Party were complicit in concealing Biden’s condition.

Miller’s remarks raise questions about the extent of knowledge among top Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumer, and others, regarding Biden’s cognitive state. He insinuated that the purported cover-up represented a grave betrayal of the American people by those entrusted with leading the nation.

As a key architect of President Trump’s immigration policies, Miller’s allegations against Harris and the Democratic Party leadership underscore growing concerns within conservative circles regarding the transparency and integrity of the current administration. If Trump were to be reelected, Miller is expected to continue playing a prominent role in shaping White House policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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