Fulton Prosecutor Scandal: Hidden Cash & Love Affair Taint Trump Probe

In a shocking twist, the ex-wife of Fulton County prosecutor Nathan Wade, who is rumored to be cozying up to District Attorney Fani Willis, is crying foul over allegations of financial misconduct. The Daily Caller dug up the dirt on Wade, a favorite punching bag of former President Trump, who is digging into Willis and a slew of others with accusations of election tampering.

Court documents from Wade’s divorce reveal bombshell accusations from his ex-wife, who claims he squirrelled away a cool $700,000 from her radar and frequently sent their joint bank account into financial freefall. This poor woman, who dedicated two decades to her family, says she was left high and dry by Wade, who hastily filed for divorce just one day into his new gig under DA Willis. And if that wasn’t shady enough, Wade allegedly asked for the divorce records to be locked away from prying eyes just three months later.

Meanwhile, the drama doesn’t end there. A pal of President Trump, Michael Roman, is going on the offense, claiming that the romantic link between Wade and Willis is tainting the case against them and their cronies. Sure, there’s no hard proof, but there’s smoke, according to Roman, who’s demanding the unsealing of those hush-hush divorce records.

As DA Willis tries to keep her head above water, critics are circling like vultures. They’re wagging their fingers at her, accusing her of playing dirty politics. They’re pointing at her sparkling new website, which conveniently launched right before she dropped the hammer on Trump and his crew. And who could forget Trump’s wild theory that Willis had a fling with a hoodlum she later prosecuted?

The outcry doesn’t stop there. Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are banging pots and pans, demanding answers from Willis about her alleged alliance with Biden’s strike force and her supposed swooning over her co-worker. It’s chaos in Fulton County, and everyone’s got an opinion on it.

It’s a courtroom soap opera that would make Judge Judy blush, and only time will tell where the truth lies. But for now, the drama is pumping through the veins of Fulton County, and the political sharks are circling.

Written by Staff Reports

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