Garland Calls Quits on Biden’s Classified Documents Probe – Truth Hidden?

In a letter addressed to the leaders of the congressional Committees on the Judiciary, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the conclusion of the special counsel’s investigation into President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified material. However, the letter made no mention of any criminal charges against Biden or anyone associated with him. The report from Special Counsel Robert K. Hur was submitted to Garland on February 5, 2024, and it is currently being reviewed by the White House for potential executive privilege. Garland emphasized his commitment to making as much of the report public as possible, in accordance with legal requirements and Department policy.

The investigation was launched after classified material was discovered in Biden’s garage in Delaware and at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. Approximately 20 classified documents were found in total. While no charges were expected against Biden, the report could still be damaging to his reputation, particularly during an election year. Political scientist Grant Reeher noted that the report could be used by former President Donald Trump to assert equivalencies and criticize Biden. Reeher also suggested that the report may contain potentially embarrassing photos, which could further harm Biden politically.

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