Gas stove ban DEFEATED! Ninth circuit court holds strong

Big win for freedom-loving Americans! The liberal city of Berkeley got put in its place after its illegal and overreaching ban on gas stoves was struck down by a panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Despite its best efforts to ban gas stoves without violating federal law, the city was found to have illegally preempted the Energy and Conservation Act, which gives the federal government the authority to regulate energy conservation standards for appliances.

Trump-appointed Judge Patrick Bumatay had to step in and set the record straight for the lower court, which “distorted the ‘plain text and structure’ of the Act.” He scolded Berkeley for trying to “circumvent” the law by banning the installation of natural gas piping in new buildings, rendering gas appliances useless.

The California Restaurant Association, rightfully so, brought the case before the courts, arguing that natural gas appliances are crucial for restaurants to operate effectively and efficiently. Thankfully, their argument was heard, and the ruling was celebrated. Joe Biden’s so-called green dream may just be that – a dream.

Biden’s administration has been criticized of late for floating many nonsensical and impractical environmental policy ideas. A controversy over gas stoves erupted earlier this year after a Biden-allied bureaucrat in the Consumer Product Safety Commission floated a ban on gas stoves. The White House, of course, claimed they had no intention of banning gas stoves, but we all can read between the lines. Biden’s proposed regulations, which he calls “environmental protection,” are nothing more than a de facto ban on gas-powered cars.

If Biden has his way, it won’t be long before gas appliances are eliminated altogether in America. But thank goodness we have a strong legal system that isn’t afraid to push back against the left’s extreme environmental agenda. Americans need to be able to choose how to heat their homes and what to cook their meals on without interference from government bureaucrats or liberal city councils. And thanks to this ruling, they will continue to have that freedom of choice.

Written by Staff Reports

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