GOP Eyes FDA Failures Fast-Tracking Pfizer Vaccine Under Biden Pressure

Now that the GOP has captured the House, Republicans are poised to uncover the murky depths of the COVID-19 vaccine authorization process. It’s time to unearth what really happened behind those closed doors that led to a rubber stamp for Pfizer’s jab, ultimately enabling widespread mandates across government, businesses, hospitals, and universities.

In a recent bombshell report by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust, led by Chairman Thomas Massie, the bureaucratic underbelly of the FDA’s dealings is laid bare. Under the omnipresent pressure of the Biden administration, the FDA tossed aside its standard procedural rigor to fast-track Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. The Subcommittee’s findings suggest that the government’s eagerness to mandate vaccines trumped genuine concern for the health of young Americans who experienced adverse effects.

Chairman Massie, who smelled the smoke long before the GOP reclaimed the House, wasted no time jumping into the fray. The untimely exit of two senior FDA vaccine regulators in 2021, both of whom were vocal about their reservations concerning booster shots, was a glaring red flag. The two scientists, Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause, testified before the Subcommittee that they felt pushed to approve a booster shot without adequate supporting data. Their resignations were more than just a footnote; they hinted at a larger mutiny among FDA staff and vaccine advisers against Biden’s overzealous jab campaign.

The report goes further, revealing the inept handling of vaccine injury reports by the FDA. Under the stewardship of the Biden-appointed acting commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock, and Dr. Peter Marks, the agency sidestepped its usually stringent Biologics Licensing Application (BLA) process. This fast-tracking effectively branded Pfizer’s EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) vaccine as the go-to “safe and effective” option, a move that today has even Woodcock admitting that more should have been done to address vaccine-related injuries. The haste came with consequences, sparking potential long-term damage to the FDA’s credibility and its mission to safeguard the American populace.

Chairman Massie recently elaborated on the hearing with journalist Sharyl Attkisson, pointing to the saga of Gruber and Krause as the genesis of the GOP’s investigation. The two former FDA scientists shed light on the booster debacle and flagged the agency’s role-shift from regulator to partner with Big Pharma—a dangerous alliance given the lack of liability for vaccine manufacturers.

One revelation, in particular, from Krause drew gasps: despite being the No. 2 vaccine reviewer, Krause did not receive the booster. It’s a telling indictment of the FDA’s rushed approval and the mounting evidence of myocarditis cases among young men.

It’s clear now that the FDA, under Biden’s thumb, diversions paved the way for questionable vaccine mandates, leaving a trail of unresolved safety issues in their wake. This GOP-led probe is just the beginning, aiming to drag the administrative state into the light for some much-needed accountability and reform.

Written by Staff Reports

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