Biden’s Debate Disaster Exposes the Truth: America Needs Better Leadership

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Biden together again. Democrats, foreign dignitaries, and the leftist media all knew Joe Biden was past his prime. But political bias and Trump Derangement Syndrome have led to a national spectacle, and America is worse off for it. His recent debate performance showcased his mental lapses in broad daylight. Yet, there’s a charade of denial from the Biden camp and complicit media, all while Trump steadily inches toward a landslide victory reminiscent of Reagan.

When the Wall Street Journal published an article pointing out Biden’s cognitive decline, liberal media outlets like MSNBC attacked it as propaganda. However, Biden’s performance at the G7 Summit in Italy confirmed the WSJ’s accuracy for anyone with eyes. Biden seemed lost, even needing Secretary of State Antony Blinken to help him with his talking points. The Biden camp, as always, fought back, arguing their boss did just fine. Is that why he skipped the summit dinner? The man was too tired to attend a meal but supposedly had no issues handling complex global dialogues.

Biden’s inability to function has become so apparent that European leaders are raising eyebrows. Complaints about his lack of stamina have circulated among senior diplomats for months, and the American administration has continually denied any issues. Despite this, Biden missed a critical part of the summit—the informal dinner in a medieval castle where vital off-the-cuff conversations happen. Instead, they had to schedule a news conference with Ukraine’s President Zelensky, which, let’s face it, is Biden stumbling his way through another teleprompter read.

Moving on to Washington’s spin zone, Biden spurned a Swiss peace summit on Ukraine in favor of a California fundraiser. Not exactly the actions of a devoted leader or someone looking out for America’s global standing. The White House’s efforts to paint a picture of a tireless 12-hour-day Biden crumbled faster than a cookie in milk.

When it’s all said and done, Biden’s weak debate performance will be talked about for decades. The man was clueless, stumbling through answers, incapable of attacking Trump effectively, and lacked a cohesive vision for America. His vision? Chaos, lawlessness, and widespread poverty. Biden is only functional between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm. After that, it’s all downhill to Drool McCool territory, leaving Mr. Singh’s reassurances as hollow as they come.

The conservative media got it right. European leaders saw it, too. Concerns about Biden’s cognitive health aren’t right-wing hysteria—most thinking people share them. The narratives about Biden being some late-night policy wizard are laughable. After the debate, those delusions were metaphorically executed and obliterated.

In the end, everyone knew Biden was unfit. But the Democrats and their allies were more focused on grabbing power and pinning the older man up as their puppet. The results are now precise, and America deserves better.

Written by Staff Reports

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