GOP Rep: Make China Pay For US COVID Costs!

Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast recently introduced a bill to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill seeks to allow the U.S. government to withhold debt payments to China equal to the cost incurred by the U.S. in response to the pandemic. This comes after the Department of Energy (DOE) found that the virus likely originated from a lab leak in China.

Rep. Mast has been a vocal critic of the CCP and their role in the pandemic. In a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Mast said, “For years, mainstream media dismissed the lab leak as a conspiracy theory, and as a result, the CCP and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were allowed to deny, deny, deny. Now even our own Department of Energy is admitting that a lab leak is the most likely cause, and it’s past time for China to take responsibility for the deception, cover-up, and outright lies that led to millions of deaths and massive economic consequences.”

It is no surprise that the CCP has been so resistant to any investigation into the origins of the virus. It is clear that they have something to hide and are trying to cover up their role in this global pandemic. Republicans in Congress have been trying to get to the bottom of this for months, but have been met with resistance from the CCP. It is time for them to take responsibility for their actions and be held accountable for their role in this tragedy.

The Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable for their part in this pandemic. Rep. Mast’s bill is a step in the right direction and will help ensure that China pays for the damage they have caused. It is time for the CCP to face the consequences of their actions and be held responsible for their lies and deception. The American people deserve justice and accountability from those responsible for this global tragedy.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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