GOP Senators Take Stand Against Biden’s Pro-Abortion Policies in Bold New Bill

In a powerful move to protect the lives of the unborn, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and 30 Republican Senators introduced a bill that would strongly oppose the Pentagon’s policy to help servicemembers and their families obtain abortions. This comes after the shameful announcement that the Department of Defense would be paying for travel expenses for servicemembers and their dependents to receive abortions.

Thankfully, Sen. Ernst knows that the Department of Defense is meant to protect and preserve lives, not destroy them. “The Pentagon should not be mobilized against the unborn. The Department of Defense exists to defend life, not destroy it,” stated Ernst.

However, this move by the Biden administration is no surprise, given Biden’s unwavering support for pro-abortion policies. But the result of the recent Supreme Court case to overturn Roe v. Wade has led states to create laws to protect the precious lives of the unborn.

As proud Americans who value the sanctity of life, this bill has received massive support from across the nation. In fact, a recent Knights of Columbus/Marist Poll revealed that 71% of Americans are in favor of legal limits being set for abortions. And 54% of Americans strongly oppose the use of taxpayers’ money to fund abortions.

While we understand why Democrats might support taxpayer-funded abortion, they’ve also taken it to the next level with their support of abortion pills being available in mainstream drugstores. CNBC reported that 17 Democrat Senators had the audacity to write letters to major corporations such as Walmart, Costco, Albertsons, and Kroger, urging them to sell mifepristone, a dangerous abortion pill. Thank goodness at least one corporation, Walgreens, has senselessly refused to sell the pills in multiple states despite their legality.

The bold move by Sen. Ernst and her colleagues showcases their bravery and strong belief in protecting the lives of the unborn. Let’s hope that this bill passes, and the sanctity of life continues to be respected and cherished in America.

Written by Staff Reports

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