Poll: Most Americans Reject Corporate Diversity Quotas

According to the recent survey by CRC Advisors, Americans are becoming more disenchanted with corporate America’s tendency to advance their political aims and prioritize identity politics above providing excellent customer service. The poll discovered that a substantial majority of 87% of respondents advocated for a merit-based strategy to hire executives, with only 8% in favor of a quota system based on race and gender. This perspective was uniform across all political affiliations, with both Democrats, Republicans, and independents agreeing that a merit-based approach was preferable.

According to the survey, a significant number of Republicans (93%) were against the usage of racial and gender quotas in corporate hiring, as compared to 90% of independents and 86% of Democrats. Will Hild, the Executive Director of Consumers’ Research, emphasized that “Identity politics being practiced within the boardrooms is adversely affecting Americans from all levels.” Additionally, he stated that “From the workers of depositor companies at SVB, who were worried about receiving their paychecks, to the U.S. taxpayers who are now obligated to rescue them, consumers’ interests are not being prioritized.”

The poll’s results showed that the prevailing view was against quotas for board members, with 72% of respondents expressing opposition. This opposition was shared by both Democrats (55%) and Republicans (88%). The poll also revealed that there was extensive resistance to corporate engagement in politics. Specifically, 86% of respondents believed that businesses should concentrate on providing quality goods and services instead of getting involved in politics. Additionally, 75% of those surveyed thought that companies should not engage in contentious social issues such as climate change, abortion, and transgenderism. Finally, 70% of respondents felt that state pension funds should prioritize investing based on customer returns rather than political matters.

The evidence suggests that Americans are weary of corporate America’s efforts to promote their political objectives and give precedence to identity politics over their clients. That is why it is crucial for businesses to emphasize merit-based hiring policies and prioritize customer returns over political matters. It is high time for corporate America to prioritize their clients and cease pandering to far-left activists who only seek to advance their political goals.

Written by Staff Reports

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