Hanson: Trump Would’ve Kept Hamas at Bay, Hands Down!

In a recent interview on the “Conversations” podcast, world-renowned military historian Dr. Victor Davis Hanson asserted that the unprecedented invasion of Israel by Hamas would never have occurred under the leadership of former President Donald Trump. Dr. Hanson pointed to Trump’s demonstrations of American deterrence and determination, such as the assassination of Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani and the destruction of ISIS, as evidence of his strong stance on national security. He argued that Iran, in particular, did not take any action during Trump’s presidency, and Hamas would not have engaged in such aggression between 2017 and January 2021.

Not only does Dr. Hanson believe that Hamas would have been deterred under Trump, but he also suggested that other countries, like Russia and China, would have been less likely to make aggressive moves. He attributed this to Trump’s reputation for being unpredictable and the nations’ understanding that tempting the United States would be a dangerous game. In short, Dr. Hanson believes that Trump’s strong and reliable leadership would have prevented these acts of aggression.

Dr. Hanson emphasizes that projecting strength is essential for the United States and its allies. When America takes a back seat, countries like Japan, Australia, and Taiwan are left vulnerable to the influence and threats of China. He argues that it is not fair to demand that these countries stand up to global bullies when they lack the resources and support. Instead, the United States should lead by example and work together with its allies to deter aggression.

While Dr. Hanson acknowledges that Trump’s rhetoric was not always essential, he believes that the former president set a precedent for strength and reliability. During Trump’s presidency, Iran remained quiet for four years, and Russia did not move in Ukraine despite warnings of potential mayhem. Dr. Hanson concludes that by projecting confident leadership, America can ensure the cooperation of its allies without putting them in danger.

Dr. Hanson’s insights provide a conservative perspective on foreign policy and the importance of projecting strength in international relations. He calls on America to vastly increase its defenses, prepare for the worst, and allow Israel to defend itself from its enemies. He also criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of the situation, accusing them of bolstering Hamas and its “SS murderers.” In this context, Dr. Hanson urges Americans to demand that no more money be transferred to the Palestinians. Overall, Dr. Hanson’s perspective aligns with conservative values and emphasizes the importance of strong and reliable leadership in international affairs.

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