See What Trump Says About a Hypothetical Biden Punch-Out!

In a campaign rally in Derry, New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump openly shared his desire to punch President Joe Biden in his “fake nose.” The crowd, undoubtedly filled with enthusiastic supporters, erupted in cheers and applause at Trump’s remarks.

Trump also made reference to Biden’s previous statement about wanting to take Trump “to the back of the barn” and beat him up. Trump responded to this by saying, “I dream of that. You know what I’d do with him? Oh, I dream of it.” He then proceeded to mimic punching actions, explaining that he would hit Biden right on his “fake nose,” joking that there would be plastic lying all over the floor afterwards.

With a touch of sarcasm, Trump commented on the double standard in the media, stating that if he had made such remarks, he would be labeled as violent. He further claimed that there are two standards of justice, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with the perceived bias.

Moving on to other topics, Trump advised his fellow Republicans not to worry about voting in the 2024 election because, according to him, he already has “got plenty of votes.” He encouraged them to keep a close watch on the vote counting process and stressed the importance of being vigilant.

Trump also pledged to reinstate a travel ban if he were to win the 2024 election. Expressing his concern about national security, he claimed that a vote for Biden would result in turning the United States into a hotbed of jihadists and cities resembling the Gaza Strip. Trump assured his supporters that a vote for him meant securing the border and keeping radical Islamic terrorists out of the country. He promised to immediately restore and expand the travel ban implemented during his presidency and halt all refugee settlements upon returning to the White House.

Furthermore, Trump made it clear that he would implement strong ideological screening for all immigrants, stressing that those who hate America, want to abolish Israel, dislike the American religion, or sympathize with jihadists would not be welcome. He stated, “We don’t want you. Get out of here! You’re fired,” to the delight of the cheering crowd.

In summary, Trump’s rally touched on a variety of controversial and highly partisan topics. His remarks about wanting to punch Biden in his “fake nose” were met with a warm response from his supporters, while his promises to reinstate a travel ban and implement strict ideological screening received strong approval.

Written by Staff Reports

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