Harris Makes a Shocking Statement on Voting Rights

Voting rights have been the target of criticism from many on the left for some time now. When you really stop to think about it, it's rather crazy. Why is it such a strange request to make of people in order for them to exercise their right to vote in either municipal or federal elections? Why should showing identification for voting be any different than doing so while purchasing a beer, obtaining medical care, or cashing a check?

It was a great bargain that included Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Together, they were elected to the White House for the people, by the people, and with the support of the people.

The general public has expressed concern regarding the security of upcoming elections. Despite this, Kamala Harris is of the opinion that voting rights should be expanded.

It seems as though she is completely unaware of what is actually taking place. It's possible that we wouldn't be as concerned about voting rights if she didn't let everyone pass via the southern border. During an interview for the program "Face the Nation" on CBS, Harris discussed the passage of federal voting law with host Margaret Brennan.

The fact that Harris's parents had met while they were both participating in the Civil Rights struggle inspired her to share some background information on who she was as a person. However, the topic of civil rights is no longer relevant. This is about preventing involvement from other countries in the affairs of our nation.

Harris has stated that she is fighting for equity and the principles of our democracy.  And despite the fact that she is aware that there are at least 18 states that are making it harder for the American people to vote, she appears to struggle with this information.

The fact of the matter is that Harris is making this more challenging. If there weren't so many people entering the nation illegally right now, maybe we wouldn't worry if someone didn't have an ID when they went to the polls. But because of the current immigration crisis, we do. However, given the current population of illegal immigrants in the United States and the fact that the government of Vice President Joe Biden is transporting them by plane and bus to all of the main cities, we have no choice but to demand certain fundamental rights.

We ask for voter registration. We require some evidence that a person is who they claim to be before we will trust their word. This is not intended to make matters more complicated. This is done in order to avoid fraud. It is to ensure that we can name the winner of an election without one side shouting and shrieking that there has been some form of voter fraud. The reason for this is to ensure that we can name the winner of an election. We witnessed it firsthand with the election of Trump from the political center, and we witnessed it once more with the election of Biden from the political right.

If Harris believes that we are preventing eligible Americans from exercising their right to vote, then perhaps she should direct her attention to the more pressing problem at hand, which is issuing identification cards to each and every American. When illegal immigrants are discharged into the interior of the country, they are always issued some form of identification.

There are even some progressive municipalities and states that are making it possible for illegal immigrants to cast ballots in their state and local elections. That presents a challenge. Why should a person who is not even permitted to be in the United States legally be allowed to vote to have any effect on how things are managed?

Voting rights are one of the most important issues facing us as citizens and as leaders today, there's no question, no question, and Harris should be thinking about this before making such a bold statement.

Why isn't meddling from other countries the primary problem? Why isn't it the case that there are persons who are black and homeless in the United States who don't have adequate identification?

It should be a top priority to address this issue if it turns out that people who are eligible to vote and want to exercise their right seem unable to to do so because they do not have the proper forms of identification. Why? Due to the fact that they do not have identification, they are unable to open a bank account, they are unable to receive medical treatment, and they are unable to even find a job. This prevents them from participating fully in society.

As is her custom, Kamala Harris demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the most pressing problems facing the nation. She is going to fight the fight that no one cares about rather than beefing up security at the border or blocking illegal aliens from voting on matters affecting the United States of America.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Retirement Insider.

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