Over 40 percent of Americans Anticipate Civil War Within The Next Decade

Many Americans, according to surveys and polls, think civil war could break out within the next ten years due to growing political polarisation.

According to a survey done by the Economist and YouGov and released on Friday, 66% of Americans think that political polarisation has significantly gotten worse since 2021. Another 62% predict that these divisions will get worse. A civil war is "somewhat likely" or "very likely" to break out within the next ten years, according to 2 in 5 Americans, with Republicans more inclined than Democrats to think this.

Only 9% of Americans anticipate a drop in political violence in the next few years. 60% of respondents to the survey expect an increase. Republicans and Democrats both think that political violence will become more frequent, though they disagree on whether it will escalate to the point of a full-fledged civil war.

With a margin of error of about 3%, the survey was taken from August 20 to August 23, 2022, among 1,500 adults in the United States.

The results are in line with research by the University of California, Davis, which between May 13 and June 2, 2022, sampled 8,620 persons on the Ipsos KnowledgePanel. Due to alienation from and growing scepticism of American democratic institutions and society, it was discovered that half of Americans think a civil war in the country is imminent. The researchers called the results "chilling."

According to the survey results, “Substantial minorities of the population endorse violence, including lethal violence, to obtain political objectives,” 

“The findings are scary, but not surprising,” extreme psychology professor Kurt Braddock told Science. The professor added that there has been a marked rise in people's inclination to use violence in the United States. Such a mindset will undoubtedly permeate the political sphere.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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