Harris Slams Trump, Fears Democracy’s Demise: Desperate Dems’ New Ploy

In the latest Democratic drumbeat of Ukraine obsession, Vice President Kamala Harris climbed up on her soapbox to deliver a diatribe against former President Trump. Jumping on the “orange man bad” bandwagon, Harris warned that America risks isolation and democracy’s demise if the American people dare to reelect Trump. Yes, because apparently in the eyes of the left, the only thing standing between global peace and complete chaos is keeping Trump out of the White House.

Using her platform at the Munich Security Conference, Harris couldn’t resist taking potshots at the former president, whose mere existence continues to haunt Democrats like a bad dream. Never mind that she didn’t have the courage to call him out by name; the implication was as glaring as a neon sign in Times Square.

Harris went on to pat herself and the Biden administration on the back, claiming that their approach to international relations is the holy grail that will save the world. Ignoring the fact that Biden’s approval ratings are sinking faster than the Titanic, Harris painted a rosy picture of America under their leadership, where standing strong for democracy means vilifying anyone who doesn’t sing from the progressive hymn sheet.

But the real comedy show was when Harris teamed up with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a press conference that was more like a carefully orchestrated puppet show. Taking only two questions from friendly reporters handpicked in advance, the whole charade had social media users rolling their eyes and questioning whether these two could even manage a Dollar Store, let alone navigate complex international diplomacy.

In the end, Harris’s tirade against Trump and her grandstanding on the world stage only serve to highlight the Democrats’ desperation to cling to power at any cost. Instead of offering real solutions or engaging in meaningful debate, they prefer to engage in theatrics and fearmongering. But hey, that’s politics for you – a never-ending circus where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Written by Staff Reports

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