Hawley Takes Biden Judicial Nominee to Task Over Gender Law Views

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley didn’t hold back during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing when he grilled Biden’s judicial nominee, Noel Wise, over her past comments on gender laws and the First Amendment. Hawley highlighted Wise’s 2017 article where she criticized laws distinguishing between men and women, claiming they imposed an “impossible burden” on the judiciary. He pointedly questioned Wise on whether she believed that recognizing biological gender differences was a violation of church and state, leaving her momentarily speechless.

In the tense exchange, Hawley pressed Wise on her views, emphasizing his belief that laws acknowledging the distinctions between male and female are not only reasonable but necessary. He expressed his incredulity at her stance that legislation safeguarding spaces like women’s locker rooms from biological men could be considered impermissible. Hawley didn’t mince words, labeling Wise’s positions as “insane” and suggesting that her interpretation could lead to numerous recusals from cases involving gender-related issues. 


The video posted by Hawley captured the intense back-and-forth, showcasing his direct challenge to Wise’s perspective on gender laws and the role of the judiciary in interpreting them. Wise attempted to explain her stance on judges adhering to legislative directives, but Hawley remained steadfast in his criticism of her views. The exchange underscored the sharp ideological divide on issues of gender and the law, with Hawley representing the conservative perspective that upholds traditional understandings of male and female distinctions as essential and valid.

Hawley’s interrogation of Wise not only shed light on her past statements but also served as a broader indictment of what he sees as a dangerous trend towards conflating biological realities with constitutional principles. The clash highlighted the ongoing debate within legal and political circles regarding the intersection of gender, law, and individual rights, with Hawley unapologetically championing a conservative viewpoint that places a premium on upholding traditional values and societal norms.

Written by Staff Reports

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