Heritage Foundation and RNC Unite in Milwaukee for Conservative Strategy Summit

Looks like the Heritage Foundation and the Republican National Convention are tag-teaming in Milwaukee, and why should that surprise anyone? As conservatives, this nation needs clear goals and strategies, and that’s exactly what the Heritage Foundation is all about. They are sponsoring the big event and even treating everyone to a “policy fest” – think of it as the ultimate conservative brain trust gathering, right before Trump clinches the nomination.

The place is going to be buzzing. Imagine landing at General Mitchell International Airport and being greeted by the Heritage Foundation’s ads. That’s branding done right, and a clear signal to everyone: This is a battle for America’s future.

Let’s talk about Project 2025 for a moment, though. Sure, Trump’s campaign says it’s not part of his official agenda, as he’s focusing on Agenda47. Meanwhile, the left wants to paint Project 2025 as some shadowy plot. Despite what you hear in left-wing echo chambers, the Heritage Foundation’s plan is straightforward: give the next Republican president the tools to clean house. Simplify, streamline, and yes — replace bureaucrats with folks who actually believe in making America great again.

President Trump has distanced himself from Project 2025, particularly after a rousing remark from Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts about the second American Revolution. Trump’s making it clear he’s got his own agenda, separate from anyone else’s, but it’s not like there’s beef between Trump and all those conservative brains at Heritage. In fact, some of Trump’s old crew are working on Project 2025, so it’s safe to say they’re all rowing in the same direction – towards a stronger, greater America. 


Make no mistake, though, Trump’s got his eyes on the prize with Agenda47. The media can keep fishing for drama, but the real story here is how dedicated the conservative movement is about turning this country around. The Heritage Foundation didn’t get a platform at the RNC because they’re irrelevant; they’re there because conservatism is on the rise, and they’re ready to offer solutions to make sure it stays that way.

In a perfect world, every conservative would applaud the presence of multiple strategies to save this Republic. Different paths, same goal. As for Project 2025, it’s not about speaking for any candidate but about preparing the ground for genuine change. So whether it’s Trump or another Republican steering the ship, the destination remains the same: a government that serves the American people, not the other way around.

Written by Staff Reports

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