Hillary’s Professor Role Bombs: One Student Breaks Silence!

Hillary Clinton, the failed two-time presidential nominee, has now been accused of being a subpar university professor as well. According to Columbia University student Laalitya Acharya, Clinton’s teaching style in her class called “Inside the Situation Room” was more like a “one-sided speaking engagement” where she basically just read passages from her own book. Acharya expressed her disappointment in Clinton’s inability to “loosen up” and develop a professor-student relationship with the class. Instead, Clinton and her co-teacher, Columbia Dean Keren Yarhi-Milo, simply talked at the students, leaving them frustrated.

Acharya noted that the class was supposed to focus on high-level decision making in foreign policy but felt that Clinton didn’t provide unique insights or vulnerability in her teachings. She hoped to gain more understanding about why certain decisions were made during her time as Secretary of State and politician. Although Acharya still doesn’t regret taking the class, she believes there were missed opportunities for Clinton to be more honest and embrace her role as a professor.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Clinton lacks candor and honesty, especially to a Columbia student. It’s a reminder that the Ivy League is nothing more than a broken echo chamber. After all, Clinton is known for her lack of charm and her penchant for self-promotion. And let’s not forget that the woman responsible for the Benghazi debacle was teaching a class called “Inside the Situation Room.” It makes you question the caliber of celebrity professors at Columbia.

If Acharya’s claims are accurate, one could argue that you could get the same education by reading Clinton’s self-serving memoirs, which can be found in the remainder bin of your local bookstore. Save yourself some money and buy a Tesla Cybertruck instead. It’s clear that Clinton’s teaching skills, much like her presidential skills, leave a lot to be desired.

Written by Staff Reports

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