House GOP to Biden: Keep Hands Off Texas Guard in Border Clash

A group of House Republicans is warning President Joe Biden not to federalize the Texas National Guard, as the Lone Star State aims to crack down on the surge of illegal immigration. These Republicans, led by Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX), are concerned that federalizing the Texas National Guard would be a violation of the Constitution. In a letter to the president, the two dozen Republicans urged Biden not to give in to demands from Democratic lawmakers to take control of the Texas National Guard amid a dispute over the handling of the southern border.

The lawmakers argue that Governor Abbott has already taken the necessary steps to defend the country and its people from what they call ‘foreign invaders’. They urge President Biden to reconsider any inclination toward federalizing the Texas National Guard, stating that doing so would be unconstitutional. The Republicans stress that the federal government’s supremacy clause does not extend to preventing states from taking measures to protect and defend themselves in the face of crisis.

The letter comes as a response to calls from Democratic lawmakers for Biden to seize the Texas National Guard after troops took control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, a busy location for illegal immigrants to cross into the United States. This move from Republican Governor Greg Abbott was in response to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Biden administration to remove razor wire along the Rio Grande, which the administration argued hindered federal border officials’ duties.

Several Republican lawmakers have voiced their support for Abbott, asserting that the Texas governor has the authority to use the National Guard for domestic emergencies on Texas soil as per the United States Constitution. These Republicans are urging President Biden to join Governor Abbott in protecting Americans from this ‘invasion’.

Republican governors in other states have also pledged to send members of their own National Guards to support Abbott’s efforts, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who announced plans to re-establish the Florida State Guard to deploy soldiers to the southern border.

It remains uncertain whether President Biden would attempt to federalize the Texas National Guard. Abbott has indicated his readiness in the “unlikely event” that Biden does so.

In summary, House Republicans are making it clear to President Biden that they are standing firmly with Governor Abbott in his efforts to secure the border and protect American sovereignty. They firmly believe that federalizing the Texas National Guard would be unconstitutional and encroach on Texas’ sovereignty, and they are urging the president to reconsider policies that have contributed to the current border crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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