House Rejects Bid to Oust Speaker Mike Johnson, Greene’s Effort Fails

An attempt to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from his senior leadership role was rejected by the House. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to use her motion as a means of imposing demands from the right. But before a vote could be taken, MPs decided to table the measure. Greene initially submitted the move in March, charging Johnson with breaking pledges and collaborating excessively with House Democrats. Her Republican coworkers expressed disapproval of the action and charged her with attention-seeking.

When Greene made her motion known during Wednesday afternoon's votes, both party members booed her. The Democratic leadership in the House publicly opposed the move and threatened to table it if it got to the floor. Refusing to back down, Greene declared that she would give Democrats "the chance" to choose him as their speaker. A simple majority is all that is needed for a motion to vacate, and several Democrats have thrown their support behind Johnson's defense.

A few Republicans in the House are discreetly working to raise the bar for the move to vacate. A minimum of twelve legislators have endorsed this concept. In an attempt to prevent Democrats from supporting the action to remove the speaker, a number of Republicans have denounced it.

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