Rubio Hints at Potential Move Ahead of Election Due to VP Constitutional Rule

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida told the Washington Examiner that he’s been talking about the rules in the Constitution that say the president and vice president can’t be from the same state when they run for office together. Some people are thinking that Rubio might be looking at changing where he lives because of this rule. He didn’t say for sure if he was thinking about moving, but he mentioned how former Vice President Dick Cheney moved to a different state when he ran with former President George W. Bush.

Rubio didn’t say if he was thinking of doing the same thing as Cheney, but he also didn’t say he wasn’t. He went to an event at former President Donald Trump’s place in Florida where people were talking about who would make a good vice president. Trump even said that Rubio’s name is coming up a lot for vice president. Rubio joked about not knowing about the reports that he might move and said he’s going to have to catch up to the news.

Rubio said being vice president would be good because he could help make important decisions, and he thinks Trump will win the election no matter who he picks as his running mate. Rubio said the important thing is someone who’s ready to be president.

Written by Staff Reports

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