House Report Reveals CIA Collusion with Biden Campaign to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Hunter Biden’s laptop is back in the headlines, and this time with undeniable evidence that the CIA wasn’t just napping on the job—they were actively colluding with the Biden campaign. Talk about déjà vu! Nearly four years after 51 so-called intelligence officials rushed to label the laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” a fresh report by the House Intelligence Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government (yes, it’s a mouthful) exposes this scandalous charade.

The report, released on Tuesday, reveals how top-tier CIA contractors, with a little help from the Biden campaign, managed to pull the wool over Americans’ eyes. The orchestrated effort aimed to discredit the very real concerns about Hunter Biden’s laptop, paving the way for millions to cast their votes without a clue about the Biden family’s alleged dodgy dealings.

The Committee’s investigation digs deep into the origins of this misleading campaign. They point fingers directly at Antony Blinken, a then-Biden campaign heavyweight (now Secretary of State), who sparked the whole affair by giving former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell a ring. That call was the spark that ignited Morell’s drive to whip up the statement dismissing the laptop story. Conveniently, this fabricated narrative gave Joe Biden a nifty talking point during his debate with Trump, effectively sweeping the explosive allegations under the rug.

Digging deeper, the report reveals a list of senior intelligence officials, all too willing to play ball with the Biden campaign. Antony Blinken wasn’t alone; even then, CIA Director Gina Haspel got wind of the plot before it hit the public. It would seem the CIA’s top brass had the chance to throttle this steamtrain of disinformation but chose to sit on their hands instead.

As if the CIA’s fingerprints weren’t enough, the House report showcases how some signatories of the infamous letter were on ACTIVE contracts with the CIA when they blessed the public with their bogus claims. 
Names like Mike Morell and former CIA Inspector General David Buckley pop up, showing that supposed intelligence “veterans” weren’t exactly waving the flag for unbiased truth. The internal drama within the CIA following the statement’s publication only underscores the discomfort among employees who saw through the charade.

The ramifications are far from trivial. This wasn’t just a bumbling mishap by a few rogue agents. This was a calculated operation to meddle in the election, exploiting the CIA’s resources and credibility to bolster Biden’s campaign. The intelligence community's lack of safeguards and oversight allowed these biased political maneuvers to flourish unchecked.

Looking ahead, the Committees are not planning to let the matter rest. They’re committed to tightening the leash on intelligence contractors and preventing the CIA from becoming an unwitting player in political games. Without proper checks and balances, the possibility of future election meddling remains a looming threat.

And let’s not forget, the watchdogs at Judicial Watch have also stepped into the ring, uncovering that the CIA rushed approval of the Hunter Biden letter like they were late for happy hour. Morell’s “urgent” request for prepublication review was green-lit in a record-setting six hours. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton rightly labeled this as an outrageous instance of campaign interference, a chilling reminder that even intelligence agencies aren’t immune to political gamesmanship.

Written by Staff Reports

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