House Republicans Push 25th Amendment Over Biden Cognitive Concerns

The 25th Amendment is buzzing around Capitol Hill like a swarm of angered bees ready to sting President Biden. House Republicans are whispering about nudging Biden’s Cabinet to invoke this little-known amendment, citing concerns about the President’s cognitive abilities following a particularly lackluster debate performance. The talk is getting serious, folks.

Speaking on the issue, House Speaker Mike Johnson has expressed his worry, emphasizing the potential dangers of a weak White House. He’s calling on the Cabinet to take a good, hard look at Biden’s fitness for duty. Johnson is not alone in his concerns. Many recall how the same whispers of the 25th Amendment surrounded former President Trump, though those were quickly dismissed as political ploys.

CNN contributor Scott Jennings didn’t hold back, pointing out the stark contrast between Biden’s current state and the man he used to be. It’s not just a bad night at the debate; it’s a consistent decline that has been shielded from public view. The same media and Democrats who once accused Trump of mental instability are now turning a blind eye to Biden’s struggles, claiming he’s as sharp as ever. The hypocrisy is glaring.

The echoes of invoking the 25th Amendment are not new, but this time it seems different. The concerns are mounting with Biden’s performance under the microscope and his aides working overtime to keep him hidden away. The left may have cried wolf with Trump, but this time, the threat to Biden’s presidency appears more than just political posturing.

Written by Staff Reports

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