Trump Needs Warriors, Not Haley: Biden’s Blunders Are Proof Conservatives Were Right

Donald Trump has always been a master strategist, so it's no surprise that Nikki Haley hasn't secured a spot in his close-knit inner circle. After Trump definitively outclassed her during the primaries, it seems perfectly logical that he would keep his distance. Trump knows a strong leader doesn't need a discordant voice lurking in the shadows.

In the wake of Sleepy Joe Biden's latest disaster on Thursday night, Haley's warnings might understandably catch some attention. In a performance that could only be rivaled by a student who didn't study for the exam, Biden once again showcased why he's more suited for a lovely retirement home than the Oval Office. One can only hope that someone in the administration will wake up and steer the ship before it hits an iceberg.

However, it's worth noting that Trump has always been ahead of the curve. He doesn't need Haley to tell him that Biden's administration is a sinking ship. Conservatives have been saying this since day one, and Trump has always been the one to take action rather than vocalize concerns. While Haley's insights might be well-intended, Trump has already proven his political prowess time and time again.

Let's remember Haley had her time to shine, and Trump clearly showed the American people who the natural leader is. Trump's inner circle is built on trust, loyalty, and, most importantly, competence. Right now, Trump needs warriors, not worriers.

As the Biden administration continues to flounder, Republicans need to stay the course and trust the leadership that has brought them victories before. Trump doesn't need Haley's warnings—he's too busy planning his next checkmate.

Written by Staff Reports

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