How Colleges Are Failing Students: The Untold Story

Once upon a time, a college degree was a ticket to a promising future. Today, it often feels more like an overpriced piece of paper leading straight to mom and dad’s basement. Despite this stark reality, we're somehow expected to bankroll these dubious educational investments through government handouts and loan forgiveness programs. It's high time we asked a simple question: if your degree isn't useful enough to pay for itself, why should I, the taxpayer, be forced to pick up the tab?

We’re living in an age where degrees in underwater basket weaving and gender studies are prioritized over practical skills and trades that actually contribute to society. Students shell out thousands for these degrees, only to discover that the job market isn’t exactly clamoring for their specialized (and often obscure) knowledge. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left holding the bag, subsidizing their poor choices with our hard-earned money.

Let’s not forget the role of universities in this mess. These institutions are raking in billions, churning out graduates with degrees that don’t hold water in the real world. Yet, they face no consequences when their alumni can’t find jobs that justify their education costs. Instead, they continue to hike tuition, knowing full well that Uncle Sam—and by extension, you and me—will bail them out.

Trade schools, apprenticeships, and vocational training offer clear paths to stable and well-paying jobs. Yet, they’re often overlooked in favor of traditional college degrees that promise little more than debt and disillusionment. Why aren’t we encouraging young people to pursue these viable options instead of funnelling them into a higher education system that’s increasingly failing them?

Written by Staff Reports

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