Biden DOJ Tries to Undermine SCOTUS Gun Rights Ruling to Coddle Criminals

The recent Supreme Court decision on gun rights surely got liberal heads spinning faster than Joe Biden trying to remember what state he’s in. The ruling confirmed that Americans have the Constitutional right to carry their weapons outside their homes, much to the dismay of the gun-grabbing left.

But leave it to the Biden Department of Justice to rain on our parade. These buzzkills are now whining to the Supreme Court, claiming lower courts are as confused as Kamala Harris trying to explain the border crisis. The DOJ argues that the lack of clarity on gun regulations has caused chaos in the criminal justice system, affecting a significant chunk of federal cases.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar is practically begging the Supreme Court to take up more gun rights cases, citing examples of individuals convicted of non-violent crimes decades ago being denied their Second Amendment rights. It’s as if they want us to believe that a guy who fibbed on a food stamps application is somehow a danger to society.

The DOJ’s wish list includes cases involving individuals who committed crimes like writing bad checks or selling cocaine because, apparently, once a criminal, always a criminal in their book. These cases expose the left’s desperate attempts to chip away at our gun rights by any means necessary, even if it means trampling on the Constitution.

The Biden administration’s push to restrict gun rights shows just how out of touch they are with law-abiding Americans. While they’re busy coddling criminals, the real threat to society remains unchecked – and it’s not the folks lawfully exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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