HUGE: New Bill BANS Children From Drag Shows

In Arkansas, a proposed law would make it illegal for kids to attend drag shows. SB 43 would redefine adult-oriented businesses and prevent anyone under 18 years old from participating.

The bill was sponsored by state Representative Mary Bentley and Senator Gary Stubblefield.

According to Stubblefield, the acts are damaging the innocence of children. They're exposing them to things they shouldn't be seeing.

According to Bentley, the proposed legislation would be similar to the restrictions that strip clubs already have.

According to Bentley, the bill would prevent drag queen performances from being held in areas where minors are present.

According to the bill, a drag show is an event that involves a performer who exhibits a different gender identity than the one that they were assigned at birth. This type of show uses makeup, clothes, and accessories to redefine the gender identity of its participants.

The proposed legislation was called absurd by its opponents. They noted that it would be hard to enforce should the bill be passed.

Drag performer Patty Johnson stated that the proposed legislation is absurd. She goes by the stagename Lady Kakes Monroe.

According to Tullock, the proposed legislation could violate the free speech rights of individuals.

Drag performers also noted that the proposed legislation would sexualize all forms of performance. They wondered why people would want to restrict the freedom of individuals to express themselves in such a manner.

Senator Stubblefield stated that the bill was about kids.

"He stated that parents should be able to prohibit their kids from getting tattoos, going to bars, and entering a casino. These are some of the things that the state senator said that he and other parents do not allow their kids to do."

According to Senator Stubblefield and Representative Bentley, they're expecting the Arkansas Legislature to pass the bill.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis warned that the state would take action against establishments that allow minors to attend drag shows.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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