Hunter Biden Tries to Dodge Gun Conviction with Jurisdiction Claim

Hunter Biden has once again made headlines, turning what seemed like a straightforward case into a legal circus. The embattled first son is now trying to wriggle out of his recent felony gun conviction by arguing that the federal court in Delaware had no jurisdiction over his case. That’s right, folks—he’s basically saying the court didn’t have the right to bust him for lying about his drug use while buying a revolver. It’s as if the rules only apply to other people, right?

His trial in Wilmington lasted for over a week, and a jury found him guilty of three felonies. These charges stem from his dishonesty on a federal form back in 2018—a classic tale of the privileged elite believing the truth is optional. But, in typical Hunter fashion, his lawyers are now scrambling to overturn the conviction, claiming that some procedural mumbo jumbo was overlooked.

According to his legal team, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals didn’t fully address his pre-trial filings. They argue that since the appellate court hadn’t issued “mandates” on its orders, the district court had no authority to proceed. This argument is about as flimsy as one of Joe Biden’s campaign promises, but when you’re desperate, you’ll clutch at any straw.

Hunter’s lead attorney, Abbe Lowell, sounds like he is in a high-stakes game of legal whack-a-mole, promising to “vigorously pursue all legal challenges available.” They're pulling out all the stops, from seeking a new trial to filing motions for acquittal. At this rate, Hunter’s defense might end up being the biggest employment act for lawyers since the O.J. Simpson trial.

While the nation waits with bated breath for Judge Maryellen Noreika to set a sentencing date, it’s worth noting that sentencing guidelines suggest Hunter could be looking at some quality time behind bars. However, given the Biden family’s Houdini-like ability to slip out of tight spots, no one should be shocked if this saga drags on longer than the latest Hollywood reboot.

Hunter Biden’s legal woes are like a never-ending soap opera playing out on the national stage. It remains to be seen whether justice will catch up with him or if he’ll once again serve as a cautionary tale of how connected elites always seem to find a loophole.

Written by Staff Reports

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