Senate Democrats Push for Draft Registration for Women GOP Fights Back

Senate Democrats have once again proven just how out of touch they are with reality by sneaking in a provision in the National Defense Authorization Act that would require our daughters, yes, you heard it right, our daughters, to sign up for the draft. The audacity of these liberals knows no bounds.

Under the guise of “gender equality,” Democrats are pushing a radical agenda that puts our young women at risk of being drafted into military service against their will. But fear not, because the GOP is not going to let this slide. Senator Roger Wicker is leading the charge to strip out this nonsensical provision from the bill before it’s too late.

It’s refreshing to see Republicans like Sen. Wicker standing up for our daughters’ rights and voicing the concerns of millions of Americans who believe that mandatory draft registration for women is a step in the wrong direction. Even Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat and Army veteran, seems oblivious to the true implications of this move, claiming it’s all about making the military a “mixed force.” Mixed force or not, this isn’t a social experiment – it’s our national security on the line.

In a display of true patriotism, U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown has called out his opponent, Democrat Sen. Jacky Rosen, for supporting this provision. As an Army veteran wounded in Afghanistan, Brown knows firsthand the sacrifices our military members make every day. He understands that while voluntary service is admirable, forcing our daughters into the draft is simply unacceptable. 


As America faces various global challenges, from conflicts in the Middle East to tensions with Russia and China, the last thing we need is to distract our military with internal debates about mandatory draft registration for women. The Biden administration’s foreign policy may be shaky at best, but we cannot afford to let partisan politics jeopardize our national defense.

So, while Democrats play political games with our daughters’ futures, it’s up to the Republican Party to stand firm and protect the values that make America great. Our daughters deserve better than to be pawns in the left’s ideological agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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