In an Open Letter, National Feminist Organizations Support Amber Heard

Over 130 individuals, including Gloria Steinem, have signed an open letter supporting Amber Heard, who was sued by Johnny Depp after she claimed that she was a victim of domestic violence. In the letter, the celebrities and organizations noted that she was a public figure who had been able to speak out against the abuse that she experienced.

The letter, which was shared by NBC News, was signed by various organizations, including the National Organization for Women. It was written by individuals who are supporters of and survivors of domestic violence.

In June, a jury in Virginia awarded Amber Depp around $10 million in damages. However, she was not awarded punitive damages. Instead, she was given $2 million in compensatory damages.

The Washington Post essay that was written about the couple's divorce referenced various allegations that were made against Depp during their 2016 marriage. However, his lawyers stated that it did not refer to his name. During the trial, Amber testified that she had experienced physical and sexual abuse.

The letter, which was signed by various organizations and celebrities, criticized the misuse of defamation suits to silence people who report being victims of sexual and domestic violence.

The verdict was a victory for Depp, as he had lost a libel case in the UK regarding allegations that he had abused his then-wife. In 2020, Justice Andrew Nicol noted that a tabloid had published evidence that showed that he had been violent toward his former wife on at least 12 occasions.

Following the verdict, activists questioned why the organization that had supported victims of sexual and domestic violence during the #MeToo movement had suddenly become silent. Many of those who spoke out in support of Amber were met with backlash from Depp's fans.

According to a spokesperson for the group that wrote the letter, many of the individuals who spoke out in support of Amber were afraid to do so due to the online harassment they had experienced.

The letter stated that the online harassment that Amber and her supporters had experienced was due to various factors, such as biphobia and disinformation. They also noted that the social media environment had a monetized effect, where women's allegations of sexual and domestic violence were often mocked.

According to the letter, the online harassment that Amber and her supporters had experienced was unprecedented. They also noted that the volume and tone of the criticism they had received was unprecedented.

Over 90 domestic violence experts and advocates from various countries, including several dozen feminist organizations, signed the letter in support of Amber. They were also asked to condemn the public shaming that she had experienced. Some of the individuals who spoke out in support of Amber included doctors, professors, and activists.

Some of the individuals who signed the letter expressed their concerns that the trial's social media reaction was harming the victims of domestic violence.

According to Christian Nunes, the president of the National Organization for Women, the letter was a message that should serve as a warning to the court system not to use its power to force victims to recant their statements about their abuse.

The spokesperson for the group that wrote the letter stated that since the trial, the number of people supporting Amber on social media had increased. She also noted that the group had been working to combat disinformation. Experts agreed that the letter's message should be taken into account by domestic violence survivors.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Daily Cable.

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