Indiana Sees Fierce GOP Primaries for Congress, Governor

In Indiana, there are many open seats in Congress and the governor’s mansion. This means there are a lot of spots for new people to run for. The Republican Party has lots of people who want to be the nominee in the primary. The election to decide who will be in the primary is happening on Tuesday. There are three seats in Congress in Indiana that might have new people after November’s election. This is because the people who were in those seats are not running again, so there are many people trying to take their place.

One of the most interesting races is in the 5th District. The person who is in that job right now is Rep. Victoria Spartz. She first said she wasn’t going to run for the job again, but then changed her mind. At least seven other Republicans had already said they were running before she changed her mind. Her opponents include state Rep. Chuck Goodrich, businessman Raju Chinthala, and many others. It is a really close race between Spartz and Goodrich. 


In Indiana, the governor, Gov. Eric Holcomb, is not allowed to run again because of the rules. Six Republicans are trying to win the nomination for governor. The amount of money spent on the election is very high, a record $98 million. Almost half of that was spent on the governor primary.

In the 3rd District, which is in the northeastern corner of the state, many people are trying to take Rep. Jim Banks’s place. One of the people running was in that job before. His name is Marlin Stutzman. He wants to try again for the job. There are also other people running to take Banks’s place. In the 6th District, Rep. Greg Pence is retiring so a lot of people are trying to take over his job. Some of the people running for that job are giving themselves a lot of money to help them win. In the 8th District, a lot of people are also trying to take over the job. This is because the person who is in that job right now, Rep. Larry Buschon, is not running again.

In northwest Indiana, which is in the 1st District, some Republicans are running to try to win against Rep. Frank Mrvan. He is from the other party. This district has a lot of people voting for the party that is running against Mrvan.

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