Ohio Courts Chinese Firm Linked to Security Risks

An Ohio company called JobsOhio worked with a Chinese-owned company that could be a threat to national security. The Chinese-owned company, Fufeng USA, wanted to build a facility in Ohio. The U.S. Air Force had already said that having Fufeng USA build in North Dakota would be dangerous for national security.

Fufeng USA is a company that specializes in making supplements for animal feed. It has ties to the Chinese Communist Party. JobsOhio reached out to local officials in Ohio to see if they would be interested in having Fufeng USA build in their community.

Some lawmakers have raised concerns about Fufeng Group, the parent company of Fufeng USA, and its connections to the Chinese government. They worry that allowing Chinese companies like Fufeng to operate in the U.S. could pose a threat to national security and food supply chains.

JobsOhio has also been involved in bringing other Chinese companies to Ohio, like a solar panel factory. Some locals have opposed these efforts, citing concerns about potential violations of U.S. trade laws and human rights abuses in China.

These actions by JobsOhio to attract Chinese companies with potential national security risks raise serious concerns. Allowing companies with ties to the Chinese Communist Party to operate in the U.S. could endanger our country’s security and sovereignty. It is essential to prioritize American interests and safety when making economic development decisions, even if it means rejecting investments from risky foreign entities.

Written by Staff Reports

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