Interior Dept Aide Quits, Blasts Biden’s Pro-Israel Stance as Third to Exit

Maryam Hassanein, an Interior Department special assistant, has decided to pack her bags and exit stage left, becoming the latest snowflake to melt away due to President Biden’s “outrageous” support for our ally, Israel. Hassanein marks the third known political appointee to screech at the administration’s pro-Israel policy and storm out in dramatic fashion.

Hassanein believes that Israel’s defensive actions are somehow misaligned with America’s interests, and she accused the President of endorsing what she melodramatically dubbed genocide. These types of exaggerated claims might pull at a few heartstrings on the far left, but they certainly don’t reflect the views of mainstream America. Polls make it clear that a robust majority of American voters—79% to be exact—stand with Israel rather than the bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists.

Joining a growing line of self-appointed martyrs, Hassanein follows the likes of Tariq Habash and Lily Greenberg Call. These former Biden campaign and administration insiders have similarly opted for grandstanding exits, throwing their toys out the pram over what they see as the administration’s “dangerous” policies.

Habash, a special assistant at the Department of Education, and Greenberg Call, a special assistant at the Interior Department, both made noisily public their departure. They are either ignoring or dismissing the clear solidarity the American people have with Israel in their struggle against terrorism. Habash, for his part, felt his “critical and underrepresented perspective” needed a bigger stage, while Greenberg Call couldn’t reconcile her heritage with Biden’s so-called “catastrophe” in Gaza.

Let’s not forget Josh Paul, who threw in the towel back in October in an op-ed fit for the Washington elite. His resignation kicked off this trend of political appointees who apparently didn’t get the memo that standing with Israel is a cornerstone of American foreign policy.

Of course, the Council on American-Islamic Relations was quick to give Hassanein a pat on the back, encouraging the President to go soft and cave into demands for a ceasefire. Yet the loudest niche voices in the room shouldn’t overstate their influence. The American electorate has clearly had enough of this dramatized leftist hyperbole.

On the flip side, journalist David Collier wasn’t having any of it, dismissing the so-called resignation letter as the usual nonsense. It turns out that sensational pitchfork-waving over imaginary genocides just doesn’t resonate when the facts paint a different picture.

Written by Staff Reports

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