Trump Predicts Biden Will Bow Out Paving Way to Face Pathetic Harris

Former President Donald Trump, known for his candid remarks, took a bold stance on a potential election showdown with Vice President Kamala Harris. Chatting with a group at the golf course in Florida, Trump didn’t hold back in his assessment of President Biden’s recent debate showing, labeling him as an “old, broken down pile of crap.” According to Trump, Biden is on the brink of bowing out, paving the way for Harris to step up as the new adversary. Trump expressed confidence in facing Harris over Biden, even going as far as to suggest that she would be an easier opponent due to being “so bad” and “pathetic.”

In typical Trump fashion, the former president didn’t mince words when discussing Biden’s capabilities on the global stage, asserting that Biden would struggle in negotiations with leaders like Putin and the President of China. Trump’s bold prediction of Biden’s impending exit from the race aligns with the sentiments of various prominent Democrat figures who have urged Biden to consider stepping down. Despite the mounting pressure, Biden has adamantly declared his determination to soldier on, with his wife Jill Biden pointing fingers at advisors like Ron Klain for influencing his decision to stay in the race.

Notably, Hunter Biden, a significant voice in his father’s ear, has reportedly played a pivotal role in convincing President Biden to stand firm amidst calls for his withdrawal. From casually dropping into White House meetings to inserting himself into conversations with advisors, Hunter’s influence on the President’s decision-making process has not gone unnoticed. President Biden himself has reiterated his commitment to staying in the race, asserting unequivocally that he is in it for the long haul and remains resolute in his bid for victory.

Written by Staff Reports

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