John Bolton BLASTS Biden Administration Over Iran Policies

John Bolton, who along with other members of the Trump administration was tagged in a death plot by members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, said on Newsmax on Thursday that the Biden administration, in a further show of weakness toward Iran, is not doing enough to protect his safety and the safety of other Americans.

Bolton was the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Other members of the Trump administration were also tagged in the plot.

Bolton stated on the program "American Agenda." that there are a number of people who are just average American citizens who are at risk of their lives because they have said things critical of the government of Iran and that these people are at risk because Bolton has stated that there are a number of former government officials who are in danger from the government in Tehran.

In recent months, an assassination plot involving John Bolton, who at the time served as national security adviser to former President Donald Trump, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was uncovered.

According to the statements made by the Justice Department, a suspect named Shahram Poursafi, also known as Mehdi Rezayi, 45, of Tehran, made an offer to pay $300,000 to an assassin in exchange for the death of John Bolton in either Washington, District of Columbia, or Maryland.
It was rumored that there was a million dollar reward for Pompeo's capture.

Bolton also stated that the most significant conclusion to draw is the type of danger that is posed to the United States by the administration in Iran.
They are making an attempt to murder Americans on American land, which is essentially unheard of and poses a concern because it is a novel situation.

According to him, this indicates that the administration of Vice President Joe Biden needs to provide a more robust reaction.

But according to Bolton, the government of Vice President Joe Biden has showed its "unwillingness to take a hard line" on Iran's violations of the nuclear deal that was reached in 2015, and it has also demonstrated its weakness by making multiple concessions in an effort to resurrect the deal.

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