LOL! Biden Gets Heckled By Trump Supporters on His Vacation…

On Wednesday, Trump supporters reportedly heckled at former Vice President Joe Biden and his family as they traveled into South Carolina for a getaway. The incident was reported in an article that was published by WND.

It is expected that President Biden will stay on Kiawah Island with his family members for at seven days.

While the area is famous for its posh beach and golf resort, the President of the United States and his family will be staying mostly on island at the home of a friend.
This is in line with how they have utilized their time during their previous visits to that location.

A number of people who reside in the area displayed signs on the lawns in front of their homes.

On one of them it had "Let's Go Brandon," while the other had "FU JOE" scribbled on it.

While President Biden is away, a vote in the House of Reps on whether or not to adopt a bill that contains many of Biden's objectives is slated to take place.
This piece of legislation comprises what would be single largest investment in the annals of the battle against climate change, which is around $369 billion over the course of the following decade.

A yearly limit of $2,000 would be imposed by this bill on the out-of-pocket expenses that Medicare participants are responsible for paying for their prescription medication.

In addition, by extending the subsidies that were made available during the coronavirus pandemic, the proposal would be able to assist an additional 13 million people in the United States in paying for their health insurance.

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