John Oliver Has 25-Minute MELTDOWN Over Ron DeSantis

On Sunday, John Oliver took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been making headlines for his controversial decisions and his close relationship with Fox News. Oliver expressed his disappointment in DeSantis’ legislative accomplishments such as the prohibition of biological male athletes from participating in women’s sports, approval of a 15-week abortion ban, and censorship of books in schools that supposedly involve critical race theory (CRT).

Oliver slammed the Florida Governor, who back in March of 2022, awarded Emma Weyant for winning the NCAA championship 500-yard freestyle race. DeSantis criticized the NCAA’s decision to permit transgender athletes who were born male to compete in women’s sports. Weyant, who is an Olympian, came second and won a silver medal in the NCAA Women’s 500 Free race on Thursday. Lia Thomas, who previously participated in the men’s team at the University of Pennsylvania before transitioning to a female identity, won the race by a margin of 1.75 seconds.

John Oliver’s criticism of Governor DeSantis is yet another example of liberal media bias and the left’s attempt to push their agenda on the American people. DeSantis has been a champion for conservative values and has done his best to protect the rights of women and children in Florida. The governor has been a vocal advocate for protecting women’s sports from biological males, banning gender-affirming care for minors, and signing a 15-week abortion ban.

DeSantis has also been a strong supporter of free speech and has fought against censorship of books in schools that supposedly involve critical race theory (CRT). He has also been a vocal opponent of the NCAA’s decision to allow transgender athletes who were born male to compete in women’s sports. DeSantis declared that such decisions prioritize ideology over female athletes’ opportunities.

John Oliver’s criticism of Governor DeSantis is nothing more than an attempt to discredit his hard work and dedication to protecting conservative values. The governor has made it clear that he will not be swayed by liberal media bias or the left’s agenda. He is committed to making Florida the freest state in America and will continue to fight for what he believes is right.

It is unfortunate that John Oliver chose to attack Governor DeSantis instead of focusing on the issues that matter most to Floridians. His comments were uncalled for and disrespectful. It is clear that Oliver is more interested in pushing his own agenda than having an honest conversation about the issues facing Florida.

Governor DeSantis is a strong leader who is dedicated to protecting the rights of all Floridians. He has done an admirable job of standing up for conservative values and fighting against liberal media bias. It is time for John Oliver and other liberal media outlets to recognize that and stop attacking the governor for doing what he believes is right.

Written by Staff Reports

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