Jordan’s Opponent in Speaker Race: All Bark, No Bite?

As House Republicans continue their quest to find a new Speaker of the House, a fresh face has entered the race. Rep. Austin Scott from Georgia has thrown his hat into the ring, following the withdrawal of Rep. Steve Scalise from the race. Scott took to Twitter to express his intentions, stating that he wants to lead a House that functions in the best interest of the American people.

While Scott admits he didn’t wake up that morning intending to run, he believes that the House is currently not functioning correctly and wants to change that. “I care more about the conference and that it’s doing our job than I care about who the Speaker is,” Scott passionately shared. As a Republican, he believes it is crucial for the majority party to prioritize doing the right things in the right way in order to truly serve the American people.

In addition to his desire for a functioning House, Scott brings a strong conservative stance to the table. A seventh-term lawmaker representing Georgia’s deeply Republican 8th Congressional District, Scott is a pro-military and pro-defense spending advocate. He has called for federal bans on abortion and same-sex marriage and even challenged the 2020 election results after President Biden defeated former President Trump.

While a Speaker candidate forum is scheduled, the timing of the actual vote has yet to be determined due to absent members from both parties. In the meantime, the party continues its search for a consensus to lead the House.

Written by Staff Reports

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