Joy Reid Slams Biden’s Debate Performance Sending Democrats into Panic Mode

During MSNBC’s post-debate analysis of Thursday’s presidential showdown, host Joy Reid did not shy away from addressing President Joe Biden’s performance, and boy, did it send shockwaves among Democrats. Reid didn’t hold back in her assessment, highlighting how Biden’s lackluster showing only fueled anxiety within the Democratic ranks.

Drawing from her conversation with various political figures, Reid painted a grim picture of the prevailing sentiment among Democrats, describing a scene of growing concern and unease. According to Reid, the consensus was far from comforting, with many expressing worry over Biden appearing frail and feeble on stage. As she puts it, Biden’s crucial task that night was to reassure his own party, assuring them of his competence and vigor for another term. Yet, instead of instilling confidence, Biden’s performance only seemed to stoke fears and insecurity among his supporters.

Reid didn’t mince words, poking fun at the perpetual state of panic that she claims defines the Democratic mindset. With a touch of sarcasm, she highlighted the party’s tendency towards pessimism and neuroticism, implying that Biden’s job was to play the role of a calming force amidst the chaos. However, in Reid’s view, Biden missed the mark, leaving Democrats in a state of growing alarm rather than offering the reassurance they desperately sought.

In the aftermath of the debate, as Reid recounts, the mood among Democrats was far from sanguine. Expectations of a strong performance from Biden were dashed, replaced instead by a creeping sense of apprehension and uncertainty. With each passing moment, the panic within the party seemed to intensify, painting a less-than-rosy picture for the Biden camp as they grappled with the fallout from the lackluster debate showing.

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