Harris Defends Biden’s Debate Disaster as Dems Voice Concerns

Kamala Harris tried to spin Joe Biden’s lackluster debate performance this past Thursday like a fisherman exaggerating the size of his latest catch. A so-called “slow start” that transformed into a “strong finish”? It’s more like Biden barely made it to the finish line after stumbling out of the gate.

The Vice President, who many see as waiting in the wings should Biden falter, found herself defending her boss amidst growing criticism from their own party. Democrats are wringing their hands over Biden’s showing, and there are whispers that many want him gone. Biden, struggling to find his footing, looked confused and lost on stage—a sight all too familiar to those who have watched his tenure.

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Harris tried the old ‘dodge and deflect.’ Rather than address Biden’s weak performance, she blustered about the President fighting for the American people on “substance, policy, and performance.” Cooper wasn’t buying it, pointing out that Biden’s performance was underwhelming to say the least.

Harris switched tactics, urging voters to focus not on the debate blunders but on Biden’s “achievements” over the past three-and-a-half years, saying the stakes were too high to nitpick. According to her, American voters face a choice between a caricature of “destruction of democracy” and a Biden-led path to “strengthening the economy.” Maybe Harris forgot about the inflation, rising gas prices, and the myriad other ‘strengths’ Americans are facing under Biden’s watch.

In a softball session with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Harris was given free rein to smear Trump, characterizing him as a liar and fearmonger. Maddow didn’t bother pressing her on Biden’s actual performance, letting Harris rant about Trump pushing lies and ignoring the so-called devastation he’s wrought on America.

Harris wrapped up by taking a swipe at Trump for losing Mike Pence’s endorsement, touting Biden and herself as the only viable team. One might wonder if Harris is jockeying for position, subtly setting herself up as the preferable alternative to a faltering Biden.

While Democrats scramble to salvage their tattered ship, Harris’s over-the-top defense only highlights the glaring deficiencies of the Biden administration. No amount of spin can turn Biden’s dismal debate into something it clearly wasn’t.

Written by Staff Reports

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