Judge Grills Over Funding and Credentials in Special Counsel Probe

In sunny Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon didn’t waste any time grilling the attorneys about the suspiciously large coffers funding Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office. While mainstream media outlets will dodge the issue, Cannon is bringing it right into the spotlight, challenging whether the entire funding setup has more red tape than a Biden bureaucracy bonanza.

Continuing a rigorous hearing from Friday, Cannon dove deep into the legal morass around Smith’s appointment. Trump’s defense team isn’t buying Smith’s credentials, arguing that his 40 charges regarding national defense info are as baseless as a CNN fact-check. The defense notably highlighted that Smith, unlike nearly every special counsel in recent history, lacks Senate confirmation. This means no Senate vetting – a process that’s typically fundamental for such a high-stakes position.

Monday’s session saw Cannon giving Smith’s overfunded team a rough ride. Rumor has it Smith’s funding could fill the coffers of a small nation, creating fears of unchecked power within the already overextended Biden administration. Cannon questioned the limitless flow of taxpayer dollars fueling Smith’s crusade, highlighting concerns about separation of powers. It’s refreshing to see someone actually concerned about constitutional provisions.

Adding to the courtroom drama, Cannon delayed ruling on Trump’s motion to dismiss the charges, taking her sweet time to give Trump’s arguments the attention they deserve. Meanwhile, the legal left is in hysteria because while courts have rigorously examined past special counsel appointments, Cannon’s meticulous approach is throwing them a curveball. The statutes governing these appointments may be clear, but apparently, so is Cannon’s skepticism.

Lastly, while the media drools over Smith’s request to muzzle Trump like a federal gag order, Judge Cannon again shows her backbone. She’s balancing Smith’s demands to curb Trump’s speech against the broader implications for free speech and justice. With Smith’s track record of riling up the liberal base, one wonders if this is less about law and more about silencing an opponent. Trump’s rhetoric might shake things up, but a nation built on free speech can handle a little turbulence.

Written by Staff Reports

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