CNN Moderators Tapper and Bash Bring Bias to Upcoming Trump-Biden Debate

In the lead-up to the upcoming debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, one major concern looms large: the biased moderators, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, that Trump will have to face if Biden decides to show up to the CNN-hosted event.

Tapper and Bash have never been shy about their anti-Trump sentiments, a fact that was brought up by Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt during a discussion on CNN. However, instead of acknowledging the bias, anchor Kasie Hunt went on the defensive, vehemently defending her colleagues’ professionalism.

Leavitt didn’t back down, pointing out Tapper’s past comparisons of Trump to Adolf Hitler, highlighting the clear bias against the President. Hunt, unable to refute the facts presented to her, resorted to accusing Leavitt of attacking her colleagues and swiftly ended the interview.

The truth remains that Tapper’s history of portraying Trump in a negative light is well-documented, with comparisons to Hitler and dehumanizing rhetoric being commonplace in his commentary. Despite Hunt’s attempt to dismiss Leavitt’s valid points, the reality of CNN’s anti-Trump stance is undeniable.

The exchange on CNN serves as a stark reminder of the mainstream media’s blatant bias against the President, with journalistic standards thrown out the window in favor of pushing a particular narrative. The upcoming debate promises to be a challenging feat for Trump, not just due to facing Biden, but also the hostile environment created by biased moderators like Tapper and Bash.

Written by Staff Reports

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