Kamala Harris Delegate Warns Black Women Will Abandon Democrats If White Man Is Chosen

Areva Martin, a Kamala Harris delegate, recently appeared on Stephen A. Smith’s podcast, where she made some bold statements about the potential outcome if a white man – other than Joe Biden – were to become the Democratic nominee. She claimed that if a white man is chosen over Harris, black women will walk away from the Democratic Party and effectively blow it up.

Martin emphasized the importance of building consensus within the party and highlighted the lack of such agreement at present. She warned that choosing a white man over Harris would not only result in black women abandoning the party but also in a significant upheaval within the Democratic ranks.

The rift within the party seems to be deepening, with concerns arising over potential nominees like Gov. Josh Shapiro, Gavin Newsom, or Andy Beshear, who may not have the support of those backing Harris. Martin’s comments shed light on the growing tensions and divisions within the Democratic Party as the nomination process unfolds.

Harris, on the other hand, appears to be gaining traction in the polls, with her numbers surpassing previous levels seen during Biden’s presidency. While other potential candidates like Newsom and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer face challenges in national polls against Trump, Harris maintains a closer margin, suggesting a more competitive position in the race.

Newsom’s campaign strategy has raised eyebrows, as he seems to be focusing more on red states like Florida and Texas rather than addressing the issues facing California residents under his leadership. Critics have accused him of neglecting his own state in favor of a broader national platform, potentially complicating the Democratic Party’s path to selecting a nominee.

The possibility of a contested convention looms if Democrats opt to replace Biden with another candidate, adding further uncertainty to an already tumultuous political landscape. Martin’s staunch support for Biden in 2024, coupled with her expectation of Harris as a potential replacement, reflects the complex dynamics at play within the party as it navigates through internal dissent and external challenges.

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