RNC Accuses Biden of Using Heat Regulations to Distract from Policy Failures

Impeccable timing or stage fright? The Republican National Committee is sounding alarm bells that President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign is about as steady as a house of cards in a windstorm. This latest bout of turbulence came as the White House rolled out new regulations to shield workers from excessive heat—a convenient distraction from more pressing subjects like skyrocketing inflation and border security issues.

As Biden rambled on about extreme weather, Republican National Committee’s Michael Whatley pointed out the obvious: Biden’s campaign is flailing, marred by internal polls showing he’s not winning over hearts and minds. If Joe Biden truly cared about the environment, perhaps he’d first stop jetting Jill Biden across the country on pricey trips that seem more like vacations on the taxpayer’s dime.

Of course, President Biden knows how to spin a narrative better than a carnival barker. Facing a bad week, Biden decided to slap small businesses with more red tape, hoping it would distract from his weak and failing policies. It’s a classic case of Washington’s Department of Please Change the Subject. Instead of tackling real issues like high prices for everyday Americans, Biden’s administration opts for more regulations, adding to the burdens of small business owners already reeling from economic strain.

The Biden campaign, meanwhile, is putting its glad-handing skills to good use, raking in an eye-watering $264 million. Sure, Joe wants everyone to believe that this cash is trickling in from grassroots donors stuffing fives and tens into a virtual tip jar. But let’s not kid ourselves—there’s plenty of fat-cat money lining those pockets, no matter what Grandpa Joe says. With Biden and Kamala Harris claiming victories through sheer volume of cash raised, they’re hoping voters won’t notice the high cost of living or the porous borders.

In the realm of real news, Fox News Channel continues its iron grip as cable TV’s most-watched network. For the 90th consecutive quarter, Fox News left MSNBC and CNN eating its dust. Daytime or prime time, Fox rules the roost while viewers flock to shows like “The Five,” “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and “Gutfeld,” leaving the late-night lefties in the ratings basement.

And as if the week couldn’t get any worse for Biden, he’s prepping for an interview blitz to try and salvage his reputation after an interview performance that made America wonder if he’s ready for retirement more than four more years in office. George Stephanopoulos will take another swing at making Biden look presidential, but it’s doubtful a few well-edited segments will erase the memory of his bumbling debate showing.

Lastly, a Harvard poll drives home what truly matters to voters: inflation, immigration, and crime. Not the latest regulatory smokescreen from the Biden administration. Here’s a hint, Joe—the American people care more about putting food on the table and keeping their communities safe than they do about your latest virtue signaling.

Jennifer Harper can still be reached at the usual places, but folks might want to double-check where they’re getting their news—because if inflation, the border, and crime don’t stay center stage, the distractions will keep rolling out like cheap red carpets.

Written by Staff Reports

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