Kamala Harris Received Busloads Of Migrants On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, several buses brought migrants to the residence of Kamala Harris, the vice president.

In response to the growing number of migrants crossing the border illegally, Republican governors from southern states, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have been transporting them to various liberal cities such as New York, Chicago, and Washington DC.

According to a source, the buses carrying about 50 migrants arrived at the US Naval Observatory late Saturday. A reporter from a local ABC affiliate was able to catch a glimpse of one of the buses, which was reportedly from Texas.

Christian Flores, the reporter, posted a video on his social media account, which showed the migrants boarding another bus. He said that some of them included women and children.

According to Noah Gray, a CNN journalist, Amy Fischer, an official with the migrant solidarity group, said that the migrants originally intended to go to New York. However, due to the weather conditions, they decided to stay in Washington DC.

The migrants were reportedly taken to Washington DC by the Migrant Solidarity Network. The Supreme Court was considering the fate of a controversial Trump administration order that allows border agents to turn away individuals who are seeking asylum. Several Republican-led states, such as Texas, are currently fighting against the Biden administration to preserve emergency powers. The groups warned that the situation at the border could get worse if these powers are not maintained.

In fiscal year 2022, the US authorities apprehended more than two million migrants at the border. In October, Chris Magnus, the head of the US Customs and Border Protection, said that the increasing number of migrants coming from the western hemisphere was due to the failure of governments in countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

In September, Abbott said that the buses carrying the migrants would be going to the home of Harris, the US Vice President. He noted that Biden was the one who asked to lead the country's efforts in addressing the issue of migration at the border. Critics noted that she has not taken seriously the problem of illegal immigration at the border.

In a statement, Abbott criticized the Harris-Biden administration for failing to address the issue of migration at the southern border. He noted that the situation has been affecting the communities in Texas for almost two years.

Abbott noted that Harris has not visited the border to see the impact of the policies that she has implemented. He also criticized her for claiming that the border is secure. The state of Texas will continue sending the migrants to sanctuary cities such as Washington DC until the federal government and Harris do their jobs and secure the border.

During an appearance on NBC's "The Late Night with Seth Meyers," Harris criticized Abbott for his actions. She referred to his actions as an "absolute dereliction of duty."

When asked about the situation at the border, Harris noted that if the US and its leaders agree that there is a problem, then they should participate in a solution. She also referred to the migrants as refugees who fled their countries.

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