White House Tells Border Agents To Keep Quiet, Or Else..

The border between the US and Mexico has been in crisis mode for a long time. If the Supreme Court or Congress fails to find a way to extend Title 42, the situation will get worse. This is why it is important that the Biden administration takes immediate action to address the issue.

In response to the situation, Joe Biden issued an executive order to stop the officers of the US Border Patrol from talking to the media and sharing illegal immigration statistics on social media. This is the first step in implementing his plan to fix the border crisis.

"According to a report by the conservative news outlet, the US Border Patrol was prohibited from sharing statistics about the number of illegal border crossings without approval from the Homeland Security Department.

The executive order was issued to prevent the officials from sharing statistics about the thousands of migrants who are currently apprehended at the southern border. It was also aimed at restricting the information that the border patrol can provide to the media.

The executive order was reportedly issued to prevent agencies from sharing statistics about the thousands of people apprehended at the southern border."

An executive order that prevents agencies from disseminating statistics about the thousands of individuals apprehended at the southern border is considered unprecedented. It is also a public safety issue that allows the public to be on the lookout for illegal immigrants and drug mules. This information can be very useful to law enforcers as it allows them to quickly identify and locate these individuals.

The fact that the executive order was leaked and not released publicly suggests that someone within the Biden Administration was aware of how wrong this was. The team of Biden most likely assumed that the media would only go along with keeping a lid about the news. Unfortunately, I did a scan of the various news feeds and only Fox News and conservative outlets mentioned the executive order.

Those who remember the previous executive order that the Biden Administration issued regarding the US Border Patrol should also recall that this was not the first time that they tried to gag the agency. After taking office, Biden's team restricted what could be said and filmed near the border.

Surprisingly, NBC News was the one that covered the story about the executive order. Back then, they didn't put the order in a memo. Instead, they issued it verbally.

As Biden is making efforts to implement a more bold policy, the White House is still trying to prevent the public from learning about the issue. This is the same strategy that they used in March 2021. The problem is already apparent, and it's not going to work. The people of the country need to hold the Biden administration accountable.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Hot Air.

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