Kari Lake Warns: “Brace Yourself” for AZ Supreme Court Showdown

Kari Lake, a Republican who challenged the results of Arizona’s November gubernatorial election, has announced that she plans to pursue her legal case in the state’s supreme court. Lake had previously claimed that the slim victory of Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs was compromised by multiple voting irregularities in Maricopa County, such as problems with printers that led to the disqualification of ballots and lengthy lines at polling locations that dissuaded voters from participating.

Although her initial demand for a new election was unsuccessful, Kari Lake has remained resolute in her determination to press ahead with her cause. She vented her frustration and reiterated her commitment to continue fighting on Twitter, stating “I assure you we understand your frustration. We invested two years of hard work and devotion into a WINNING political campaign that was betrayed on Maricopa County election day. They can call us insane. But they will never call us quitters. When the truth is on your side, you don’t give up when you encounter a challenge. You continue to advance. You fight for what is right. Does the Truth still Matter? We’ll see.”

On Thursday, the Arizona Court of Appeals turned down Kari Lake’s appeal, stating that her accusations lacked enough evidence to back up her arguments. The court discovered that Lake was not able to prove how misprinted ballots could have impacted the final election outcome, and dismissed her assertion that the verification process for mail-in ballots was flawed. Additionally, the court concluded that Lake’s claims of violations of due process and equal protection were based on an allegation of official misconduct – specifically, interference with on-site tabulators – that was not supported by any evidence.

Despite the court’s ruling, Lake has refused to back down and is determined to take her case to the Arizona Supreme Court. She believes that her cause is just and that she is standing up for what is right. Her commitment to seek justice has been met with support from many who share her frustration and believe in her cause. It remains to be seen whether or not the Arizona Supreme Court will take up the case, but one thing is certain: Kari Lake is not giving up without a fight.

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