Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit Is Headed To Trial

Kari Lake’s election integrity lawsuit is permitted to go to trial.

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor, presented 10 different claims to the Maricopa County Superior Court, and Judge Peter Thompson ruled that just two of those claims can be tried in court.

One of the counts that was permitted to continue was purposeful malice, which is related to the concerns with the ballot chain custody and tabulator malfunctions. This was one of the counts that was allowed to continue. Although Judge Thompson did not offer his judgement on her accusations, he did state that she is permitted by law to present her side of the argument.

The Republican Party's other arguments, one of which was that there was a violation of their right to free speech, were not allowed to advance with the case. These efforts included those made by Katie Hobbs and the Recorder's office to prevent voters from casting their ballots.

Lake took to Twitter to react to the news of the trial.

The trial, which will be held before January 2, is expected to last two days. Katie Hobbs, the current Secretary of State of Arizona, will be required to testify.

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