Leftist Insanity: We Need Female Crash Test Dummies!

Yesterday, a Democrat congresswoman presented one of the most ridiculous ideas ever proposed for vehicle safety tests at a congressional hearing aimed to review Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s plan to prioritize female crash test dummies in vehicle safety tests. With complete disregard for real-world issues, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) decided to extend her gratitude to Biden’s top transportation advisor for his “investment” in accelerating the use of female dummies in crash testing. She claimed that “this will start to fight the gender inequity among vehicle safety and crash victims.” What a joke!

Not surprisingly, conservatives on Twitter erupted, calling out the hypocrisy of this request when it comes to transgender individuals competing in sports, where biological males can have an unfair advantage over females. It is quite apparent that the Democratic congresswoman and the incompetent Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, lack critical thinking and common sense.

The $20 million investment proposed by Buttigieg to purchase female crash test dummies in the face of soaring inflation and underinvestment in existing federal programs is outrageously frivolous. The Department of Transportation (DOT) claims that purchasing female crash test dummies will help them develop “cutting-edge safety and accessibility research initiatives” for people with disabilities and to research the impact of vehicle size and weight on pedestrian safety. In reality, this is a complete waste of taxpayer money to feed the liberal agenda’s obsession with equity, which is nothing more than code for redistribution and socialism.

This request by the DOT is one of the 90 so-called “equity action plans” submitted by federal agencies at President Biden’s request, aimed to allegedly eliminate biases or disadvantages in federal programs. The DOT claims that women are 73% more likely to be injured in vehicle crashes, which they attribute to “outdated crash test standards.” We must ask ourselves, is this the best use of our resources? Our transportation department must concentrate on real-world issues rather than pandering to leftist party agendas.

It is time for our leaders to focus on practical solutions, not meaningless gestures designed to appease vocal fringe groups on the left. Once again, the Democrats are proving to be completely incapable of handling real issues, and their solution is always to throw more money at them. A perfect example of fiscal irresponsibility!

Written by Staff Reports

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